Familia Ante Omnia

We apprehend the need for a holistic approach, where the “Family is Above All”

The word “Desmos”

Originates from the Greek word “Δεσμός”, which stands for “bonding”. It represents the genuine bond, respect and reciprocal appreciation, which arises while working with the families who choose to entrust us with the protection, maintenance and increase of their wealth. 

 We understand that the decisions taken following our recommendations must operate effectively not only at inception but also for years down the line. We furthermore apprehend the need for a holistic approach, where the “Family is Above All”, as referred to by our firm’s philosophy “Familia Ante Omnia”.


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About Desmos Capital

Desmos Capital, the Multi-Family-Office (MFO) of ConnectedSky Legal & Corporate Consultants Ltd, which equally falls under the internationally acclaimed The Samir Group, offers its clients a one-stop-shop experience providing them all-round support during their financial, corporate, legal and personal challenges.

Desmos Capital is headquartered in London’s most sought after location, in the heart of the Mayfair district, specifically in Berkley Square, thus accommodating clients directly from within the world’s no.1 international financial centre.


The Desmos Capital Way

Instant integrated assets reporting that promotes transparency and a holistic review of your financial profile.

Consolidated Reporting

Independent Investment Advice

Access to the best in class providers and managers for development of your portfolio based on strategies and selections customized to your specific needs.

Prudent Wealth Structuring

Clear-sighted assets structuring for future planning optimisation.

Asset Performance Tracking

Continuous asset performance tracking which helps define which investments really perform best for you.

Intergenerational Planning

Understanding and preserving your family charter and estate by creating multi-generational succession plans.

Investment Screening

Protection of your investment portfolios from low quality investments through rigorous investment screening.

Family Protection

Introducing the best providers of banking solutions, international healthcare, media management, cyber and personal security for your assurance, privacy and well-being.

Lifestyle Management

Property, education, philanthropy, art and culture planning and management to pursue continuity of your lifestyle.

Data Vault

Cutting-edge data management system that allows to meticulously file, structure and instantly retrieve any document.

Ultra High & High Net Worth Individuals

It is Desmos Capital’s privilege to offer High-Net-Worth-Individuals (HNWIs), Ultra-High-Net-Worth Individuals (UHNWIs), wealthy families and sovereign royal families, everything that is needed to protect, maintain and grow their investments, company structures, investment funds, foundations and philanthropic activities worldwide. We serve to consolidate and support the needs of the family across the whole range of their affairs, from long-term planning to routine transactions and administration for the current and future generations to come.

 We invest heavily in understanding our clients’ business and corresponding environment, while always providing pragmatic and balanced solutions, within an absolute sphere of confidentiality and mutual trust. Concluding, we stand by our philosophy that for others providing security is an option, but for us it is a duty.

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